To celebrate the first anniversary of Kapitaal I was asked, amongst 39 other designers, to design and silkscreen print a poster with the theme: ‘What is the value of Kapitaal’.

At Kapitaal you can silkscreen, print with the Risograph, play a match of table tennis, take a look in the shop, buy something from the shop, have a cup of coffee from Koffie Leute, take a seat in the flex work area, go to lectures, listen to bands, take part in a typography workshop and so on. To put an emphasis on the abundance of activities I summed up a number of irrelevant activities, which are also quite fun, if I may say so myself.

A second layer with the logo of Kapitaal was added to the posters and finally, in a grand outdoor campagne, the posters where exhibited through out the city.

Silkscreen print

Documentation and concept by Studio Airport